Friday, 15 June 2012


People with Albinism spokesperson, Isaac Mwaura thanked the finance minister "for allocating Kenya Shillings 400 million towards the National Albinism Fund up from KSH 100 million" in the National budget.
He posted on his Facebook page: "When I made my presentation to the Parliamentary Committee on budget late last month, they promised to increase it to more than KSH 100m but they have gone ahead and given the whole amount that I requested for. I am so touched by this and thanks to my parliamentary friends ...Hon Alfred Sambu, Hon Chirs Okemo, Hon Pollyns Ochieng, Hon Adan extremely moved by this on behalf of all Persons with albinism in Kenya, Africa and the world, this is a real big win!!"
He added: "I for sure never knew we would come this far. It has been a long journey full of times we doubted ourselves, at times our energies were depleted but we kept going...we refused to be compromised and to believe that it was not possible...we soldiered on despite evidence to the we stand on the eve of a new dawn in the history of our country and republic.....thanks to all that have supported me in this cause and comrades in the Journey. 
"Off particular mention, Munyere Alex, Martin Wanyonyi, Chirstine Okeyo, Prof Nyong'o and Family, Hon Shakeel Shabir, Hon Euegene Wamalwa, and the Rt Hon Prime Minister......I lack words to say it all...
"As Kwame Nkurumah, the great African patriach said, seek yea first the political kingdom and everything shall be added unto political activism has paid hugely, not for myself but for the people I represent....there is no reward greater than this....."