Tuesday, 24 January 2012


From Hot Sun Films, comes a new TV drama.  The producers who are shooting a pilot, were looking for actors to fill in slots form various characters. If this pilot works out, it will join a TV line up of other series like Mali, Higher Learning among others...
The yet to be titled TV drama has the following characters…
Brian - 15 years. Still in high school. Outgoing. Likes photography. Self-reliant. Comes from a rich family but doesn’t act like it. Tries to be the ‘boy from the hood’

Mama Brian - 40 years old. Married her campus sweetheart. Involved in the running of her house despite her busy schedule. She is a modern, sophisticated woman.

Baba Brian - 42 years. Manager at a big company. Too busy for his family but tries to spend time with them. He is keep fit, looks young for his age.

Kristie – 30 years. She runs a fashion house. She is a diva. She is determined to forget her past. She has worked hard to get to where she is. She likes younger men. She knows she’s hot and makes no apologies for it. She is the type that corrects you when she thinks you pronounced her name with a ‘y’ instead of ‘ie’

Laika – 10 years. She is the bratty spoilt daughter of Kristie.

They are also looking for the following other characters:

Ann - 18-24 (or look that age bracket). The character is a naive young female, just arrived Nairobi from her rural home. She is bright, but not book-smart, but street-smart. She is pretty, energetic, hopeful - a diamond in the rough.

Michelle - 17 years. She is kind of pretty. She acts like a bitch, knows everything. Her intelligence gets her by. She believes she with ‘it’.