Tuesday, 24 January 2012


There is a new Afro funk Kenyan kid making waves in the US. KG Omulo is the name. Remember it. The singer and songwriter has a new album titled Ayah Ye! Moving Train, released last week.
"Growing up in Nairobi, which is very metropolitan, and having parents who let me listen to a little bit of everything — I'm talking eastern, western, all the legends that came out of Africa back in the day, mixed in with some Motown records — kind of blended it all in together," Omulo told All Things Considered host Guy Raz. "There was Bob Marley, too, and a little bit of the Beatles. It was a wide range of sound."
KG is said to have cut his teeth by performing in various American clubs.
“I can be conscious and get people stirred up instead of bringing them down,” Omulo told a US website. “I make positive music that educates without judging. I want to create awareness and still make people dance.”