Thursday, 1 December 2011


Kenyan drama series CHANGES has returned to the M-Net schedule this month and DStv audiences can tune in for season 3 every Monday in a brand new 19:30 timeslot.

Once more the show uses a talented local cast and crew to tell the story of a group of diverse characters living and working in Nairobi, trying hard to find their own successes.  Relationships, both at home and at work, come into the spotlight as different ambitions and motivations drive each individual’s actions.

With marriage, love and family as some of the main themes, the show is jam-packed with drama and entertainment.

Last season saw key characters battle personal demons from addiction and revenge to obsession and betrayal while a mysterious disappearance, a cash-flow crisis and an unexpected tragedy kept audiences tuning in to the storylines.  

In the new season, the plot revolves around a dangerous undercover investigation, involving wildlife vet Antoine Naveed who is actually an undercover agent.

His mission is to stop an organized crime syndicate called the 06 from trafficking illegal arms into Kenya. Yet he is not the only one living a double life in the apartment block of New Makao Close. His girlfriend Cindy and his neighbours all have their secrets. Behind the closed doors of Makao lie some disturbing mysteries. But those who seek the truth will also find trouble!

“The success of CHANGES demonstrates again that audiences do embrace universal storylines that they can relate to. So the themes of family, home, relationships, ambition, love, fear, joy…these are things that people can identify with,” says M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi.

She continues, “M-Net is especially pleased that CHANGES is now in season 3. It really shows that if you invest in good TV, and stay committed to a series, you can create something audiences really enjoy.  And with season 3 now on air across East Africa, CHANGES is our longest running drama series in the region. So we must thank our Kenyan team for all their hard work and our loyal viewers for their support.”

The cast of the show includes several of Kenya’s most talented personalities including Jimmie Gathu, Fareed Khimani, Pierra Makena, Derek Bbanga, Nthiga Mugambi, Shirleen Wangari and Feisal Malik alongside’s Tanzania’s Kone Nouhoum and Uganda’s Gaetano Kagwa.

Changes is produced for M-Net by Njoki Muhoho  and Zebra Productions. And while the first three episodes of CHANGES season 3 have already been screened, there’s still a lot of great entertainment ahead for viewers! So even if you haven’t viewed it yet, you can still enjoy the series…just tune in to see these episodes:

Episode 4 (Monday November 28 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Death, prostitution, investigations and promotions are the cocktail of events and activities for the New Makao Close residents.

Episode 5 (Monday December 5 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…The mysterious 06 group are linked to recent activities. Meanwhile the agents make headway while the 06 attempt to hedge them. What follows is a devious game of wit. And adding to the drama is an old court case won’t go away.

Episode 6 (Monday December 12 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…It is girl power as Agent Michaela makes a big break in the case. Meanwhile Kuta and KJ blame each other for sloppiness when things don’t go well. Elsewhere Steve makes a new friend in the New Makao residence.

Episode 7 (Monday December 19 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Is romance in the air? Candles are lit and dinner with unlikely guests is a success. But can Jabali rekindle an old flame? Meanwhile, Alfred puts time into his philanthropic project.

Episode 8 (Monday December 26 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Alfred considers taking a well-funded charity project under his hat but his mentor tries to dissuade him.  For Ryan, it’s party time while the Big Boys are back playing at the Casino.  And the Agents finally get the go ahead for action!

Episode 9 (Monday January 2 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…The Agents break into the case and make good progress. Elsewhere beauty, pictures and brochures enhance Cindy’s business at some expense. Meanwhile Jabali’s romantic life takes a step forward.

Episode 10 (Monday January 9 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Business strategies and financing is the theme for the Makao Close residents this week.  Cindy’s (a.k.a. Rahab’s) business strategy rolls out successfully. Alfred finds heavy investment for his charity from an unlikely source.  Cindy also finds financing from a likely source for her own business.  In other business, the Trucks are now on the move.

Episode 11 (Monday January 16 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Everyone is chasing each other. Agents chase those about to commit crimes, Detectives chase those who have already committed crimes and old files are retrieved from abandoned computers. Meanwhile Naima’s home is no longer peaceful.

Episode 12 (On Monday January 23 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Jabali’s old sins come back to haunt him and affect his current romantic interest. He also find another income generating business while Tendo has to admit to his gambling problem. Also Alfred must reach out to his mentor as all is not well.

Episode 13 (On Monday January 30 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…The Trucks are ferrying the goods and the Agents are on to it. But they themselves are in danger.  Meanwhile Cindy finds a business protégée in her niece.

Episode 14 (Monday February 6 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Tendo is followed by someone close to him.  Alfred revisits the ailing mentor. Jabali is offered a lucrative job. 

Episode 15 (Monday February 13 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…It is drama, drama and more drama tonight as businesses are searched! Meanwhile Jabali invests old business money. But is there a plot in progress and if so, just who is fooling who?

Episode 16 (Monday February 20 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Someone has to take the blame for the trouble. However investigation leads are lost. Plus it appears that the teenagers at Makao Close don’t get along and it seems that Richard has finally found a way to resolve his family problems. Meanwhile Morrison is not doing too well.

Episode 17 (Monday February 27 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Alfred and Elaine invest time on the case. Moraa invests her money in new business. Tendo explores a romance.

Episode 18 (Monday March 5 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Tempers flare at the Agency as they blame each other for the problems. Meanwhile Tendo and Jabali expand their businesses. The Big Boys have fun in celebration and self-gratification. However Cindy is not celebrating as her secret is now public news.

Episode 19 (Monday March 12 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…There are blow-ups of relationships and lives.  Tendo is on the run over a business deal gone bad. Cindy loses and gains some. But will Naima ever see Tendo for what he is?

Episode 20 (Monday March 19 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…The Assassin has a new assignment. Elsewhere Richard decides to take Tendo project into his hands. Naima finally sees the light. The mysterious 06 must keep close and tight.

Episode 21 (Monday March 26 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Richard’s career grows. Antoine is playing a dangerous game with KJ and Kuta. Jabali must legally bring an end to old ties.  Flames rekindle between Antoine and Cindy. Moraa and Jabali invest more into the vegetable business.

Episode 22 (Monday April 2 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Investors and funerals bring unlikely characters together. Old legal cases come to light. Naima decides to move on.

Episode 23 (Monday April 9 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Alfred has a Hopson’s choice. He has to make a moral choice between two evils.  Information is shared between unlikely fellows. It is sad news for Morrison. Alfred comes across more damaging information.

Episode 24 (Monday April 16 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…Tendo is still on the run. Meanwhile Richard has a life of his own. Elsewhere Jabali cannot believe that history is repeating itself where business is concerned.  Moraa is broken both emotionally and financially.

Episode 25 (Monday April 23 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…The 06 are all suspicious of each other. At Makao Close old grudges are fixed. Elaine makes a big discovery while Naima’s old sins bite back. Some lives are threatened and death is in the air.

Episode 26 (Monday April 30 at 19:30)
On M-Net’s CHANGES tonight…in tonight’s final episode, there are major losers and winners. There are those who have to make very hard choices. But the re-entry of a major player completely changes the rules of the game.