Monday, 25 July 2011


MTV Shuga actress Lupita Nyongo was dared to plank, and plank she did – after being voted to do so on the MTV Shuga Facebook page. And as the rules state, the more public the plank the better. Lupita did just that.

Lupita has been acting for a long time from starring in phoenix productions to featuring in a short film by American producer Marc Grey. She is however, famed for her role as Ayira on the 3-part MTV series, Shuga.

Ayira is the most ambitious and beautiful girl who oozes sex appeal. She is very aware of her appeal and uses it to get ahead in life. She distrusts men and in her life, love is a second priority, a luxury.

In a past interview with Hot Secrets, Lupita likened herself to her on screen character Ayira. "We have a lot in common, we both have big dreams and we make questionable choices in our relationships. But the anger in her (Ayira), I don't have,” she continued, “It was challenging to bring out that side of her."

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