Monday, 25 July 2011


The crown prince of Benga music in Kenya, Dan ‘Chizi’ Aceda will launch a new philanthropic initiative called Mabawa Project. The objective of the initiative is to give every child - especially poor children - a chance to fly, to achieve greatness, by giving them simple resources that empower them like books, class rooms, computers and mentorship.

This comes after a damning education report by Uwezo Initiative, that shows children graduating from primary schools without necessary reading and counting skills.
“I believe in humanity. I believe that deep down every human being has the will and desire to succeed in all that they do. I also believe that all anyone ever needs is a chance. A chance to show people their ability, a chance to touch another person’s life, a chance to even change the world,” Chizi said.

He continued: “I want to reach someone in a simple way that creates an enabling environment for them to succeed. I want to seek ways to remove the obstacles that hinder the development of our children and give each one a shot at making it in this cruel world. I want to make the playing field level so that every child can achieve greatness. I seek mainly to empower them because I believe that deep down inside they have the ability and spirit to do the rest. I seek to offer them the wings because I am confident that they will put in the work necessary for them to learn to fly.”

The Blackberry hitmaker has produced a soundtrack single Mabawa, set for a Sunday July 24, release at Santa Fe, the Mall, Westlands. The song and the initiative will mobilize his fans to give books, pens, toys, and any other educational materials to give to poor kindergarten and primary school children who need them.

The donated materials will be delivered to Muongoiya Primary School in Muchatha village, Kiambu County on August 5, where the video for the song will be shot.
“We shall do a remix of the song with other musicians in Kenya, including the vernacular as we grow the audience for the initiative – the givers and the supporters,” Chizi concluded.
The Mabawa Project is planned to be an East African initiative that creates support for children across East Africa