Friday, 20 May 2011


Big Brother has disqualified Tanzanian housemate Lotus from the house. This decision was reached after Lotus slapped the South African Luclay twice on the face after he goaded and riled her up.
The taunts and the jokes pushed Lotus to the edge, reducing her to tears. The reason? Because she revealed to the housemates that she had forgotten to write the South African currency on the Head of House Task.

Biggie reading the House Rules to the Tails housemates, says any Housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed. Adding that either of them could have walked away and that Luclay was “provocative”.
While Lotus leaves the house Luclay gets to do “dish washing and housecleaning”.
Fair? You be the judge.
Anyho, after her exit Luclay said he has nothing to be “remorseful about”… “she asked for it” and “she needs to admit she is wrong”.

Forget the steely countenance, Luclay broke down and cried in the arms of Tanzanian contestant Bhoke.