Thursday, 11 November 2010


Davis was exasperated to find that TPF’s Faculty had decided to punish them yet again; so much so that he even jokingly contemplated leaving the Academy altogether. He asked Steve whether they could ask to go back home when they received a disciplinary letter with yesterday’s meager supper.
The other contestants were just as shocked by the harsh measures taken against them for disappointing the Faculty with their performances on Sunday. Gabiro’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he found out that supper was going to be Ugali and beans and Atete and Gaga looked quite morose as well.

Hopefully this punishment will be the wake up call that they need in order to deliver better performances this weekend when they perform songs from Africa's musical icons. The contestants are at the mercy of the TPF Academy Faculty members for the rest of this week and we will be glued to our screens to see how the young superstars fare.
Faculty members decided to discipline the contestants this time around for their poor performances on Sunday in addition to a lack of focus in class and commitment. The Faculty are worried that their young charges may be slipping backwards and thus instituted the punishment to whip them back into shape.
This week the contestants will have to make do with an altered diet of porridge for breakfast and the Kenyan laborers’ staple of Ugali and beans for lunch and supper. They will also not be allowed to have any beverage to drink other than water and will not be allowed to have sugar with their breakfast porridge. All the snacks were removed from the Academy last evening although, they will be allowed to have fruit with their meals. To top it all off, dance coach Edu will take them through a "...rigorous fitness routine" for the rest of the week.
Earlier in the day, as the contestants set about cleaning the house, Steve and Gaga had a slight altercation as this week’s Academy Captain, Rachel tried to mediate. Gaga and Steve were arguing about who was to clean the bathroom and boys' bedroom this week. Steve reckoned that Gaga should do it as he had already done it last week.

Gaga had earlier agreed to clean both areas this week but went behind Steve's back to Rachel and accused him of not being a “team player”. Unbeknownst to Gaga, Rachel confronted Steve to ask him if it was true; Steve denied this and was actually quite upset with Gaga. This led to a protracted argument which took most of the morning to solve because Gaga really could not see what she had done wrong while Steve and Rachel tried in vain to explain to her the gravity of her actions.
Kavutha taught the contestants about ad-libbing during their performances, unfortunately Gaga kept falling asleep in class and she had to stand in a corner while holding up drums for the rest of the class. She impressed upon the contestants the need to practice their ad-libs and to avoid the temptation to get carried away during their performances.Edu also had a dance session with the contestants where he handled the background vocalists' steps for the various performances on Sunday's show. Atemi Oyungu was back again this week for another master class on background vocals and spent time with the students guiding on the correct way to do background vocals.