Thursday, 14 October 2010


Ecstatic Kuonck Deng makes an entrance on Sunday night after getting a second chance at fame and cash.

Tusker Project Fame for the first time extended the search for contestants to Southern Sudan, however, one of the finalist had to bow out early and was substituted by another.
The explanation given on Sunday night during the gala was the Romani ‘Rom’ Kuong’ was called back to his country on Friday for “civil duty”.
Rom who was substituted with another contestant, Kuonck Deng likes to play football, read books, watches movies and also has a keen interest chess; that is when he is not working as a helicopter pilot.
Also nicknamed General, He likes to listen to soft rock, RnB and Country music. He went to school in Egypt, Kenya and South Africa and would like to be remembered as an inspiring person by virtue of the great things that he will achieve. He will miss hanging out with his friends while he goes into the Academy. The 27-year-old said he audition for Tusker Project Fame because, “I want to share my musical talent with the world,” adding, “I will miss the other contestants as we have already bonded and gotten to know each.”
Asked what he could change about his character he said, "I would like to change the fact that I am not a very open person and I do not express my true feelings when I should."