Thursday, 14 October 2010


The Longomba brothers Lovi and Christian have stared in an American produced thriller set for release soon.
Shot in California the 17-minute movie, Mind Tricks not only casts the two brothers but also features other Kenyan actors based in the US like Lovi’s wife Ida Onyango, Benjamin Ochieng and Chris Kamau.

The short movie by Afro-Merica Records and Bendrix Pictures Production follows Joe Manning (Benjamin Ochieng) who has a fight with his wife Molly (Jessica Diz), and storms out of the house to clear his head. As he wanders aimlessly for hours he finds himself in a bad side of town. There he witnesses a murder and is pursued by gangsters who mistake him for the killer of their slain comrade.

Tormented by the images of the slain youth, Joe begins to have nightmares and sleep slowly eludes him. His wife seeks solutions in friends, doctors and the church. Soon, Joe cannot tell the difference between his pursuers in real life and those in his nightmares.

Lovy plays Spear a gangster who works for a drug king pin, Madam Lola while Christian plays Tank also one of Madam Lola’s drug enforcers. Ida plays Wendy, Dr. Stanley Peters’ assistant in the Jericho Baptist Clinic where Joe Manning seeks medical help. She is currently is in the studio recording her fourth album.

Jessica Diz who plays Molly has also landed roles in CSI Miami and Las Vegas while Benjamin is described as an actor’s actor whose passion for acting can be seen in his daily life. He has featured in Tears of the Sun, General Hospital, The Shield and The X-Files.