Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Poet and spoken word queen Sitawa Wafula is campaigning to change the prevalent one-off-philanthropy where well-wishers donate essentials once and that is it. Sitawa is working with a group of NGos’ who have come together to build a sanitary pads bank where school going teenage girls can get sanitary pads all year round.
“We have a database of deserving girls from various rural districts and our main aim is to ensure they do not drop out of school because of the embarrassment they may undergo during their periods if they don’t use the right sanitary protection,” she told Hot Secrets from her station at the Mall Westlands where she has set up camp on Monday.
“Do you know that in some rural communities the girls are told to go dig holes and sit there till their menstrual period is over? Some use old clothes blankets and mattresses and even drop out of school after they stain their clothes and their classmates laugh at them,” She explained, “It is for this reason we are asking well wishers to donate just 200 bob to ship in a care packet that contains ten packets of pads and four panties.”
Sitawa is also a BasicNeeds UK part Ambassadors for mental health.