Wednesday, 22 September 2010


International stars will be jetting into Nairobi for Kenya’s premier literary event, Story Moja Hay Festival that brings together writers, storytellers, environmentalists, poets, business leaders and education professionals to share stories and ideas.

The festival will also be the culmination of a city-wide storytelling competition for young people (the Kwani Short Story Competition), the Story Moja Hay Poetry Competition, and a chance to engage with the Right to Read campaign to get a book in the hand of every Kenyan.

It will be held from October 1 to 3 at Railways Club, Nairobi. The festival will have over 60 events in 3 days of brilliance.

Festival participants in 2010 include: Denise Gordon – American Soul Musician, Michela Wrong (UK) - political writer and journalist, Jaffar Al Amin - son of Idi Amin, Petina Gappah (Zimbabwe) - lawyer, writer, Benjamin Zephaniah - UK poet, performer, activist, Andy Middleton (Climate change consultant), Tiffany Murray (Welsh author), Dr. Julie Grigg (Founder - Medics4timbuktu project), Lars Rambe (Sweden) – crime novelist and lawyer and Sandra A.Mushi – Tanzanian poet, writer and designer.

Others include filmmaker Tom Twyker (German) and co-founder of One Fine Day and NGO whose pilot project “Soul Boy“ (2010) premiered at Gothenburg International Film festival in January 2010.

Jane Bussmann - (UK)- born Comedy Writer for over fifty shows in Britain and America including South Park, the Emmy-winning Smack The Pony and The Fast Show. While Kenyan legendary literary and filmmaking personalities include Francis Imbuga, John Kiriamiti – reformed criminal, author Oyunga Pala, Sunny Bindra, Doreen Baingana, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Sitawa Namwalie, Lucy Simiyu is a professional counselling psychologist with skills in organizational development and leadership training. Ruth Gasson, Olouch Madiang – Kenyan Storyteller, actor, director, playwright, writer and poet, and many more.