Thursday, 9 September 2010


By now y'all know that Yacob left the Big Brother All Star, and i totally get why he left. Of what use is it to stay on after Africa gives you the boot?
Anyho, in a telephone interview from Johannesburg, Yacob told Hot Secrets that he would stay on if Biggie offered to compensate him for the time spent at the Barn.
The Ethiopian representative answered a few of my questions.

So, what do you think about Mwisho's utterances where he called all the housemates losers for returning to the show?
I don't know if loser is the right term but if you look at all the housemates, we are all up coming in the respective fields, we still haven't made it and are aspiring. Ans since we did not have a busy schedule it was okay to have three months out of your life to do this.

All in all how would you describe your experience in the reality show?
It was a great experience. People shouldn't judge before they experience it live in a house without TV, magazines or radio.It's an experience and a half.

The de-motivated Yacob cited the fact that his brother couldn’t visit him at the barn after the eviction from the Big Brother House added to why he opted out. On his argument with the female barn mates, Sheila, Tatiana and Lerato, Yacob said that he hoped that he he had resolved the ridge between them before he left.
He also stated that the only time other time he will return to star in a Big Brother production is if it’s a Big Brother UK or US, “not Big Brother Africa, it’s done for me.”