Monday, 5 July 2010


So far the ongoing Tusker 50 milli ya mafans promotion has seen over 30 million Kenya shillings of prizes having been claimed and about 20 million shillings still to be won.
Speaking during a media briefing at K1 Klubhouse, Tusker Brand manager Wanyi Mwaura said that many more people like Mulwa were winning in the current promotion. Winners walk away with instant giveaways which include a free tusker, 200 shillings or 10,000 Kenya shillings.
“This competition is for our ma-fans, they are the people who toil hard for their money and with the current economic situation, it was our desire as a brand to reward many more people as compared to just a few.”
Mwaura describes Tusker as an iconic African Brand and undisputed leader in the alcoholic beverage industry, representing authentic African success that has won international acclaim.
“Tusker is a very social brand, it brings friends together and creates moments of laughter and appreciation of the hardworking Kenyan,” she added “We will endevaour to continue to celebrate our people.”

She adds that the chances of winning are very high and it is easy to enter. Just get your Tusker, look under the crown and sms the digits to 8737.
Thomas Thongori K1 Klubhouse Marketing Manager concurs with her, saying that many consumers have been winners in the competition and have been very excited. He adds that K1 has been in partnership with EABL for over 10 years and the benefits have been numerous with not only improved livelihood to the business but to also its employees.
He adds that many consumers had been redeeming their prizes.
As regards future plans, Tusker is focused on retaining its regional leadership and will continue its ruthless drive to meet consumers' needs. "Additionally, we will continue to develop and update the brand, its communication and activities in line with the consumer preferences.
Therefore continued research and innovation will continue into the future."