Monday, 5 July 2010


Singer Amani has morphed into a filmmaker. Her first stint with movies starts with Wamba. This film takes place in 1990 and follows the life of Wamba and his group of friends who live in California - a suburban slum of Nairobi. When Wamba's family deals with the devastating effects of a new and unknown disease in AIDS, the whole community is torn apart and threatened. Living like his peers; Wamba sells used books in his spare time when he is not in school and gets help from his friends who usually refer customers. They spend a lot of time hanging out together, playing soccer and arguing at the neighborhood corner store. The day Wamba lost his parents who die of Aids; he becomes everybody’s enemy in the neighborhood. None of his friends want to be associated with him; they are scared because of the rumor in the neighborhood that Wamba is a sorcerer and Aids victim. Rejected and isolated Wamba questions himself about the death of his parents and finds out that they were suffering from Aids and that is what killed them. Aids becomes a reality to him and not just a word. With Wamba we discover Aids and learn about it. We also find out how he handles the crisis in the neighborhood.