Monday, 19 July 2010


At the screening of the Big BRother All Stars on the premierE night, Sunday July 18, it was mentioned that radio personality Laura Walubengo would be heading the 'Team Sheila' group.
This was to ensure that Kenyans vote unanimously for the countries rep, Sheila Kwamboka.
However, Laura told Hot Secrets "That chairlady thing - I don't think it was serious... It wasn't discussed with me and I had no clue, so unless you clarify with the organisers...?"
Anyho, Laura was tight with Sheila and she talked a bit about what the biggie housemate's game plan is.
"I know, Sheila doesn't have a plan. She will take it as it comes and be herself. She told me that. Personally, I think compe is tough! But fingers crossed!"
Laura down played reports that she and Sheila were at loggerheads and simply put, she added, "We are on good terms, yes. I will vouch for her as a pal, I'm sure many of her tight pals will do the same."
On that note, please vote for Sheila Kwamboka. Go Team Sheila Go! People please be more patriotic and stop posting clever Facebook post like "Kenyans please vote out Sheila Kwamboka out of BBA5, she needs come home by August and vote for the referendum!"
Yes it's funny but....