Monday, 7 June 2010


On Friday, the Let’s Kick It For Kenya concert was headlined by 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons and also featured a performance by Zak Ambrose, in Los Angeles.
The special benefit concert was for a Nyanza based NGO, Mama na Dada, formed by and for African women to support the empowerment of the African girl-child.
Mama na Dada has a girls’ soccer programme which was initiated in early 2010 by actress Meghan Noone who was inspired by her visit to Kunya, Rarieda, in September 2008 and her own experience with soccer. Previously, there has been no opportunity for girls to participate in soccer in Kunya village.
After one month in Kenya, Meghan returned to Los Angeles to spread awareness for Mama na Dada and raise funds to make the soccer team a reality. She shared her story with the producers of Ryan Seacrest’s new show Bank of Hollywood. She became a contestant on the show and won Sh1.74 million for the Mama na Dada soccer team and The Circle of Hope Day Care.
Taking to Hot Secrets, Joyce Oneko of Mama na Dada confirmed that Meghan will visit Kunya again in August to continue her work there.
Celebrities who were invited to attend include Anthony Michael Hall, Corey Feldman, Shane West (ER), Jerry Weintraub (Oceans Eleven), Jason Ensler (West Wing, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl), Ken Davitian (Borat), TI, Michael Vick and Paul Ben Victor.
The concert took place at the Eleven Restaurant and Nightclub, 8811 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood.