Tuesday, 1 June 2010


A new event is being born on Madaraka Day 1st June (Madaraka Day commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule in 1963). Kibera Good Governance Festival will be held Just outside Kibera (one of the poorer parts of Nairobi), on the DC's Ground in Makina, starting with local artists performing from 12 noon. Headlining artists include Juliani (KE), Abbi (KE), Mzungu Kichaa (TZ/DK) & VQEE (KE/DK).
The event will also include talks about the proposed constitution. Both the current and the proposed constitution will be available also free of charge.

A local CBO, Kibera Community Development Agenda, is organizing the event while neither musicians nor Event Sound & Entertainment who supplies stage, PA and instruments are charging any fee. The Royal Danish Embassy is supporting the event.