Saturday, 20 March 2010


Afro fusion diva Suzanna Owiyo on Tuesday headlined the launch of the Imagine Africa CD project at Kristiansand in Norway.
The project is focused on bringing East Africa music to the world at a time when West African and Central African music has taken centre stage in that arena.
She participated at the Tuesday evening event funded by Mimeta under Stromme Foundation. Imagine Africa, the CD, has been made in close collaboration with the producer Sigbjørn Nedland, who for over a decade has lived and breathed the message of the treasures of this part of Africa and Kenyan legendary afro fusion producer Tabu Osusa.
The CD comprises of 14 tracks, which amounts to a total of 72 minutes of musical power, strength, and joie de vivre.
In an email Suzanna wrote: “We, East African artistes, have what it takes to be on the World Music circle. I truly believe this is the beginning of good relations and it will create a good platform for promoting our African cultural diversity and development.”