Thursday, 18 March 2010


The grapevine is rife with reports that Nigerian reality show contestant Dare is set to perform at a yet to be confirmed Kenyan concert. Dare competed against Kenya’s Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas and Easy FM radio crooner Didge during the 2004 Project Fame in South Africa.
Now, Dare has changed his name to Darey Art Alade. And he might just be performing in Kenya.
A source told Hotsecretz, Darey is coming next week. “I have to confirm that and get back to you. But I know it's tentatively March 25 in Nairobi.”
He is in the process of releasing his first US album dubbed Un.DAREY.ted. The album released a year ago, has received roaring reviews that have branded “Darey image in the Nigerian music scene as an R&B maestro.”
The brilliant RnB album caught the attention of founder of the 1975 established SOLAR records (Sound of Los Angeles records) Dick Griffey, who is also the chairman of Soul Muzik.
Dick said, “Darey is a talented artiste, when I first saw him on TV, I was impressed, what we are doing with Darey is to play a kind of music that is international, and there is no doubt that he can appeal to the international market. Most importantly, I have heard Darey’s music, I like it, and we are working with first class writers and producers.”