Monday, 8 March 2010


The Esther Arunga - Joseph Hellon saga has taken a different tune.On Saturday, the two hosted a press conference at their Runda residence where they revealed the name of their political party and stipulated that without Quincy Timberlake’s freedom their grande plans may not come to be.
Esther called for the government to release her ‘husband’ on bond stressing that he is the think tank for their political campaign.
“All the plans are hinged on Quincy leaving prison,” she said. “We have plans to go to Hawaii in two weeks before going into launching our political campaign.”
Quincy who is being held at Industrial Area remand prison is facing charges of absconding court in a criminal case pending at Makadara law courts.
According to the two, CNN’s Larry King is scheduled to beam live from the Runda estate in June, which will offer the much-needed millage to promote their party manifesto. Esther is also planning on meeting former beauty queen and US Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin later on in the year where they can have a sit down and talk about everything politics.
The ex-TV queen stressed, “Quincy is the mastermind, who has all the significant contacts from all over the world.”
In the same breath she warned all the ladies who are out to get her man. “Keep off, I have fought long and hard to be in this relationship.”
Hellon announced that the political party is called Placenta Party because Kenya is in “the gestation period”. He also stressed that the political party will introduce “terminologies never heard before” and he will be going by the political name Vendetta Supernova in addition to a political code name of Crab Nebula.
They also asked the government to provide them with security, as they are fearful that their lives could be in danger.