Friday, 12 February 2010


Kijiji Records artistes, Chit Chat released the video to their sophomore single I La La Like It amidst a premature leak into the mainstream media.
Chit Chat is made up of Astar (Richard Njau), Bupe (Christopher Bupe), Dee (Diana Nduba), Rigga (Charles Righa), Michelle (Michelle Kwambo) and Cii (Ciiru Karanja).

This group of young men and women have earned fans mainly in the gospel circles with their inventive approach to hip-hop music, inspiring people with loose rhymes, and a positive spirit and funky vibe. They are Hip-Hope.
The video for I La La Like It was shot by Sakata Media, produced by Tim "Ennovator" Rimbui and Kanjii Mbugua, co-Produced By Aaron "Krucial" Rimbui.
Their debut single Buzzin is a jump-up party anthem. It is generally about "a feeling" whose effect climaxes in a captivating slogan "Soo-Sweet-Buzzin-Juu-Kaboo."