Thursday, 18 February 2010


For a while now Abbas and Chiwawa have been bossom buddies, boyz, peoples, ride or die bros, and any other name you can use to describe hip hop friendships, but this changed. Media reports claim that Abbas accuses Chiwawa for being instrumental at breaking up his marriage to rapper Baby Gangsta.
This claims, Chiwawa has rubbished. He hasn't cared to expound them on at all. All i know is that Chiwawa was the one who introduce Abbas to Baby Gangsta and he was the best man at their wedding.
With that backgroud you will probably understand whey Abbas put Chiwawa on blast today morning on his Facebook status update. He wrote: "That stupid ball-less puppy named "chiwawa" is gonna get the wrath of my lyrical blowz!!...tell that rabbid flea-bag im on to his neck!
This is not the first time Abbas having beef with another artiste, he nicknamed Jua Cali 'Solar Boy' for a number of reasons.
I don't know how this will end...keep it here for more on this....