Thursday, 28 January 2010


Pamoja Mtaani
, the action-based videogame pilot launched in 2008 aimed at fight against AIDS towards a HIV free generation won an international award.
The behaviour change video game, created by Warner Bros, won the Global Business Coalition’s Business Excellence Award at the awards dinner in Washington, D.C late last year.
Pamoja Mtaani tells the story of five East Africans, Judy the med student, Sean the techie, Lefty the footballer, Lady D. the musician, and Georgy the tout, as an everyday ride turns catastrophic when their bus is highjacked. Each individual experiences a loss, and the five strangers must come together on a quest for justice.
It became a hit after big names in the Kenyan music industry were involved in its production. They include Jua Cali, Wyre and Atemi who lend their voices to the video game, Ennovator who produces the soundtrack and renown playwright Cajetan Boy who helped with the story line.