Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Comrade in arms Liz and Kaone were the sixth evictees from the Big Brother Revolution house. In a telephone interview from Johannesburg, the two talked about various issues.
South African Fabuliz said that in as much as fellow countryman voted to have her up for eviction, “He did nothing wrong, Quin did not betray me!” adding that “The money will definitely come home,” refereeing to Quin who is the remaining South African contestant.
Liz also commented on being branded a ‘Spoilt brat’ by Ethiopian Yacob. “He can call me whatever he wants but I know who I am,” adding that their relationship in the house was “civil” at most, “I didn’t hate anyone – I didn’t like Yacob, but I didn’t hate anyone,” she said.
Liz said her love for the Ugandan boys, Phil and Hannington, had “nothing to do with the country” rather that they had the same likes and dislikes.
Botswana’s Kaone is enjoying the “freedom” of being outside the Big Brother house, “though I miss Eddy and the pranks we pulled in the house,” said Kaone. He plans to go back home to establish himself as a brand. Kaone was taken aback when we asked him about his argument with Kenyan evicted housemate Teddy Muthusi. After a long silence he said, “The little argument I had with him basically was about both of us trying to express ourselves. It was nothing personal.” Did it cost Teddy his chance in the house? “Yeah, halfway through, I think so, but I wouldn’t put his eviction entirely on that because Africa might have had other reasons too.”