Wednesday, 7 October 2009


The King of Genge, Jua Cali was appointed Patron of Nairobi East Scout Movement two months ago.
In a release sent out Monday, the Bidii Yangu rapper was honoured for influencing the youth positively.
“I did not know that they were going to honour me as their patron. I had gone to perform at one of their major functions in Umoja. After the performance they gave me a scarf, it was a surprise when they named me their patron. I’m honoured to be part of their prestigious organisation,” Jua Cali said.
Jua Cali was conferred a senior scout title during the occasion before being made the patron.
As an entertainer, the rapper is taking the role seriously and is ecstatic at the chance to influence the youth not only as a performer but also as a role model.
“As a patron, my role is to motivate and encourage the young scouts to fight on and get information and skills of self-care and care for others.”
The Kenya Scouts chairman, President Mwai Kibaki, will be the chief guest at the official Scouts Patrons Day at State House later on in the year.
Jua Cali is also the Orange brand ambassador as well as the face of the BloodLink NGO, a blood donation campaign.