Thursday, 24 September 2009


My sister is a intense fan of the Tyra Banks Show. I usually don’t get what the pizazz about the show is all about, till now. According to Tyra Banks has been hiring actors to pretend to be various characters on her TV show, according to a confession from one of her recent guests.
In one of her show the gloriously hairheaded blonde Tyra had a guest named Vincente who went on the air saying he didn’t like dark-skinned black people. When contacted after the show, Vincente said, “I know I am hated all over right now. I hope you understand that this was for television purposes only. We were told how to act and what characters to portray. I am not done with the Tyra show yet, I will be going back. I have been in contact with other members who were on the show and we constantly talk about how the producers never warned us about the outcome, but we knew already but still it would have been cool if they warned us.”