Thursday, 24 September 2009


Filmmaker and model Lupita Nyongo’s has started her degree classes in Theatre Art at the prestigious American university Yale.
The MTV actress and filmmaker has begun classes Writing from campus, Lupita, the daughter of medical service minister Prof Peter Anyang Nyongo, wrote in an email that she was “settling into school.
“My schedule is already very hectic. They have us working hard from the very start. But I expected it - this is Yale after all and they strive for nothing but the best in everything, and I am up for that challenge. This is teaching me what they mean when they say acting is serious play.
“I know I am blessed and very privileged to be in this position where I get to focus and hone my craft for three years.”
Lupita’s greatest filmic achievement so far has been the making of a film about the suffering of albinos in society, In My Genes. The film was screened from September 12 to September 23 in Netherlands at the Africa In The Picture Film Festival (AITP).

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