Friday, 4 September 2009


I tell you my people, ooo, it is not a slow news day, now. This did indeed happen.
Rapper Jay Z’s Off That track featuring Drake refers to Beyonce as a “HO”.
He raps: “I’m just a runway show, but I wear this on my plane - these my runway clothes, Cashmere sweats - they come out next year, but these [are] my last year sweats, and my ho’s so sick, your new chick can’t f*ck with my old b*tch, and you know this sh*t, I’m professional - you know this is. I just may let you borrow this, this the Blueprint n*gga follow this.”
The song is actually tight. Not because Jay has the balls to call Bey ‘a ho’ but coz the hook is super catchy.