Friday, 25 September 2009


Ugandan singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone had an operation last year October after he fell down three floors at a hotel in Arusha.
When asked what happened Chameleone could not explain how the accident occurred. The singer recalled that he had entered his hotel room after his music show, changed clothes and slept. But he was shocked to find himself on the first floor of the hotel an hour later surrounded by people who were screaming ‘thief’.
“When I tried to move, I could not get up,” Chameleone told The New Vision. “I was in great pain. I think both of my legs were broken. I identified myself as Jose Chameleone. That is when some onlookers rushed to call my tour promoters.” His promoters took him to Arusha Hospital, where he contacted his wife to charter an Eagle Air plane at $9,000 (about Sh 639,000) to evacuate him. He was airlifted from Kilimanjaro Airport to Entebbe Airport.
A Dr. Kenneth Obwot, who was on the team that evacuated the singer, attributed Chameleone’s accident to sleepwalking. He said Chameleone could have gotten up in his dreams and walked through the glass windows. The singer was alone in the room and the door was locked. Obwot noted that the accident could have been fatal. The fact that the singer does a lot of exercise could have saved his life, he added.
Look see two of his post op photos of his legs, or you can click here and here

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