Friday, 25 September 2009


Singer Eric Wainaina is set to stage a play he wrote at the New York Musical Theatre Festival on September 29. The play produced by his wife, Sheba Hirst who is seven months pregnant is titled Mo Faya The Musical.
It is about DJ Lwanda a respected personality in Nairobi community of a slum called Kwa Maji. But Anna Mali, a greedy real estate diva, craves the land beneath their slum. She seduces the fiery young DJ away with a job at a top nationwide station, and organizes a violent campaign to terrorize the people of Kwa Maji. When the government and media turn a blind eye to the decapitated bodies in the streets, DJ Lwanda must return home to expose the truth.
The play will be staged seven times and runs until October 11. Former TPF teacher Helen Akoth Mtawali will also be providing additional music together with Joshua Mwai and Morris Otis Omollo.
The New York Musical Theatre Festival supports and promotes new musical theatre artists, producers, and projects. Since its inception in 2004, the NYMTheatre Festival has proven a remarkably effective launching pad, with over 40 shows transferring to successful productions on Broadway, off-Broadway, regionally, on tour, and around the world.
The production is sponsored by Safaricom to the tune of Ksh12 million.