Thursday, 3 September 2009


The celebrity marriage between rappers Abbas Kubaff and Baby Gangsta is on the rocks. The couple has separated less than ten months after their November 14, 2008, vows.
The Angabanga rapper let out the news during the K-Nel Kenyawood Tour Concert at the Carnivore on Saturday.
When asked where Baby Gangsta was, he said: "We are not together anymore, these things happen."
This cames after the couple exchanged vows twice. the first time was in a conventional garden wedding in Karen and later for their fans at KICC. The second nuptials were carried out at the Ghetto Radio’s Serious Request. Here, the stations presenters stayed in a glasshouse at KICC and went without food for six days to raise awareness and funds for the IDPs.

Photos/ Wanjiku Thuku