Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Esther Nabaasa’s long-awaited album released

Finally Esther ‘the body’ Nabaasa’s long awaited album was released yesterday in South Africa. It survived the February 7 robbery attack at the Gallo Records that left the album’s sound engineer with s gun shot wound ion his hand..
The album titled, Rock in Country Soul was released yesterday in South Africa and will soon be available for purchase all over the continent this coming week.
In an interview with a Ugandan newspaper, the Monitor, Esther explained why the long wait for the album: “The recording label Gallo was going through massive internal restructuring, which even entailed the physical bit of them relocating their offices, so they put me on hold until they sorted themselves out. And the type of contract I had signed with them, forbade me form singing with anyone else until I first worked on my first album.”