Saturday, 6 January 2018

Lenga hongo on January 12 to usher VIPI awards

The annual VIPI awards-that enters the fourth year and uses talents to push for cohesion and integrity -has unveiled “Lenga hongo on Januari 12.”

Lenga hongo Januari 12 is part of this year’s programs ahead of the VIPI awards on 20th  April to award talented youths who use talents to preach peace, integration, cohesion and integrity.

This year they are using music while next year they will use art to bring Kenyans together and push the national agenda.

“Every journey starts with a step, and on this day we want everyone not to bribe or take a bribe,” said  Cynthia Kerubo,the Awards Communication Director

“Before the Awards Gala night in April,we shall consuct Four such activations so that we inculcate the culture in Kenya slowly.”

Cynthia also requests everyone to take a picture of anyone found taking or receiving a bribe on this day and post it on the hashtag #LengaHongoJanuary12.

“Corruption is the cause of all our troubles and everyone must take the responsibility by not receiving or giving  bribes. Kenyans cannot access good services because someone is interested in bending the law to take or give a bribe. As a result, many have suffered and others died,” said the Commùnication Director.

 For the last four years, VIPI has agitated for a more cohesive and corruption free Kenya where individuals abhor tribalism and fight corruption in all its manifestations.

It is composed of a group of passionate and focused individuals looking at making a positive difference in the lives of Kenyans.

“Our aim is to ensure that we have more informed youth who are not easily influenced by relatives and the society in general and who subsequently are able to cut a nationalistic profile,” said VIPI Patron,Charles Mûnyui.

“We know that if we are able to release to the society loads of individuals who believe in a different way of doing things, it is just a matter of time before we have a generation that genuinely hates and fights tribalism and corruption in all their manifestations.”

Those that are interested should send two short video clips each  through Whatsapp number 0722646620 on or before31st January 2018.

“One clip will showcase their respective singing talent while the other one will showcase their ability to articulately address cohesion,peace and anti_corruption issues.

 A team of competent individuals will go through the clips and shortlist a total of 94 semifinalists who will be invited for auditions to ultimately shortlist 47 finalists. VIP INITIATIVE team will make arrangements to visit The 47 shortlisted participants to confirm the authenticity of the materials received and subsequently they will be officially nominated to participate in the finals of the VIPI AWARDS.

The contestants will be hosted in a suitable, safe and secure facility within Nairobi referred to as The Academy in APRIL 2018 where through SMS text Kenyans will vote for the person who will be VIPI AWARDS recipient and Campaign ambassador for the immediate subsequent year.Irrespective of the tribe the winner belongs to, the win will be credited to the County where they attended secondary School. The county will be deemed to have won having been represented by the winner

The VIPI AWARDS winner will be the face of the campaign for the year and will hand over the crown to the person who wins in the subsequent year.

The overall winner shall receive a cash award of Kenya Shillings Two Million.

VIP Initiative ran a programme dabbled One Love Kenya where we visited secondary schools and urged students not to fall into the negative ethnicity trap once out of school bit to always treat their colleagues as sisters and brothers.The students were also urged to use social media positively and not as a tool to disrespect.In the run-up to the last elections VIP Initiative ran a programme titled Vijana Tumaintain Peace and we held massive entertainment shows in major towns urging the youth not to be misused by politicians to cause chaos during elections.

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