Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Twitter Bigwig Caught Emptying his balls At House Party

A local Twitter bigwig and blogger who is a well-known skirt chaser was recently caught pants down, about to empty his balls.
The tall and dark blogger for hire was invited to a party in Muthiga area with one of his female friends who has been eyeing him for quite a while last week.
Just like any other fisi, the lad did not turn down the offer, and he arrived at the venue, parked his car and went ahead to wine and dine with revellers.
But as everyone was enjoying the revelry, the loud-mouthed blogger was busy salivating over his friend's girlfriend and within no time, he had already taken her number and they went to her house to quench their thirst.
Before the boy child could even start pumping, his friend who invited him to the party walked in on them. She had a melt down that attracted a lot of attention.

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