Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Google Search Trends on Kenya Elections, Presidential Candidates

Google Search Trends, a publicly available tool that indicates search patterns over a period of time, shows the top five queries about Presidential Candidates - Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, which generated the highest amount of traffic on Google during the last 24hours, as well as the top five daily queries about the Kenyan election that attract the interest of Kenyans.
Here are some trends showing the top or trending searches on the Kenyan election and the main candidates:

Trending queries on the Kenyan Elections in the last 7 days
Uhuru Kenyatta
Raila Odinga
William Ruto
Ruto home attack

Trending queries on the Kenyan Elections in the last 24hours
IEBC ICT Manager
Chris Musando
Moses Kuria
Uhuru in Kisii
Raila in Nakuru

Trending queries on Uhuru Kenyatta in the last 24hours
Uhuru in Kisii
Uhuru Kenyatta Facebook live
Uhuru Kenyatta accident
President Uhuru motorcade
Uhuru in Bomet

Trending queries on Raila Odinga in the last 24hours
Raila in Nakuru
Will Uhuru hand over power to Raila
Raila on Musando
Raila arrested
Raila Canaan memes