Monday, 12 June 2017

See Julie Gichuru's reply to Kenyans after being insulted online

Dear Kenyans, I will say this as simply as I possibly can, we are in this nation together. If you cannot see the progress that has been made you have clearly chosen not to. 

 Yes, there has been progress. Are there challenges? 

 Yes, of course there are and both Ndinda Mutoko and I speak openly and widely about them - from corruption to tribalism and much more. ION, I exited the news cycle close to two years ago (fascinating that you barely noticed as you keep discussing me in the context of news) and have the right to comment and take a position on issues. 
You cannot BULLY people into your chosen stand and if you cannot respect the fact that people can take a stand that is not based on personal benefit, then that speaks volumes about you not the person you are attacking. 
Bimbo insults don't work either, for women who have carved the space that we have, sorry, it does not apply and again speaks volumes about the mindless misogyny of the abuser. For those sharing civilised perspectives, all are appreciated. 
Let's engage in a civilised fashion but most of all, let us respect each others views. I have love for you irrespective of where you stand and it is my prayer that you can adopt that same attitude towards your fellow Kenyans. If you can't, what does it say about you? God bless Kenya always 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪💙💙