Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Was it borrowed? Zari Hassan spotted wearing friend’s dress to a wedding

Well money is usually not everything but apparently it is still everything. I know the statement didn't make sense but many assume that with money you can buy all the clothes in the world. Well apparently this was not the case with Zari Hassan's fans.

She was spotted wearing one of her friend’s dress that has left many questioning why on she would do so despite her having money that can buy you and your six generations clothes to last you a life time.

This incident led to her followers trolling her for wearing the ‘borrowed’ dress.

It is however not clear whether Zari had borrowed the dress or the design from her friend who had earlier been seen wearing the similar outfit. 

Anyway, this time around Zari did not respond to her comments so we keep fingers crossed that she might be actually ashamed or rather is avoiding confrontation.