Monday, 29 May 2017

Octopizzo Warns Fans Against Comparing Him To Nyashinski (VIDEO)

Octopizzo, has said he can not be compared to Nyashinski, who according to him is just a singer.

The lad who is currently topping charts with his latest release ‘TBT’ was a guest on NTV’s The Trend this past Friday where Larry Madowo asked him to give his opinion about Nyashinki’s Aminia.
In Aminia, Nyash, as he is popularly known, takes a swipe at Kenyan singers saying that fans have been urging them to retire now that he’s back on the scene.

“Iko watu husema heri ungekwamia ulaya. Umerudi wasanii wakaanza kuambiwa waretire. Secular lakini unaadika gospel fire. Iko watu husema heri ungekwamia ulaya,” Nyashinki sings in the song.

When Madowo asked Octopizzo what’s his opinion about the line during #TheTrend show on NTV, the latter said he is a rapper and that he can’t be compared to someone who sings.

He went on to add that he will be singing in his next single so that fans fans can find a common ground to even compare them. Octopizzo also dismissed claims that Nyashinki is the best rapper in Kenya.
 Here is the link to the clip.