Tuesday, 23 May 2017


It seems Jimmy Gait is on a war path with his haters killing them with kindness. In the first tv interview since the release of his brand new single, Love, Jimmy Gait was bearing it all. 

The gospel artiste broke down on national television as he narrated just how painful the trolls that hit him everyday can be. Speaking to Anita Nderu who was standing in for Larry Madowo, Jimmy revealed intimate details of his life behind the scene. 

“I am human, he said as he was fighting back the tears, I also have feelings, and after all I have done for the industry just one song made people think I am trash.”

Jimmy has been on the receiving end of cyber bullying ever since he released his cover of Adele’s Hello. Yet for the first time on TV he revealed the reality of it all and it was probably the most emotional moment on Kenyan television. 

As the interview went on, the king of gospel seemed to pick himself up and even started joking. In a surprise twist, he pulled a bouquet of flowers for Anita who was left speechless. He even came with a cake for Larry who last year put Jimmy on his black list of celebrity douche-bags. It seems Jimmy Gait is actually a sweet guy after all.

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