Monday, 10 April 2017

Video: Rugby Heavyweights Talk About “Girlie Stuff” On Video

Radio Queen Adelle Onyango has gone the extra mile with her new YouTube Channel dubbed Adelle On The Loose.

The vlog follows the media personality's quest for fun and the unknown away from the radio booth as she discovers Kenyan treasures from interesting personalities, hidden restaurants, culinary delights, new music, dance...basically anything you did not know.
Her recent video is very interesting, Adelle teamed up with ALWAYS for the #Always4TheGirl campaign. They have taken on the task of demystifying conversations around menstruation - especially with kids hitting puberty. I love that we are FINALLY having open discussions on this. She teamed up with Harlequins' David Ambunya, Pius Shiundu and Lyle Asiligwa.

The Kiss FM's breakfast co-host says the response from viewers of her YouTube videos has “been overwhelming! I thought the response would be gradual but now in 5 hours my episodes get over 10,000 views on Facebook and a lot of love and I'm truly appreciative!”

“We have made it something to be ashamed of, to hide, to talk about in closed rooms and hush tones. When it's something to celebrate. And by having these conversations we also have to include men. Men around me claimed they feel left out because we women never involve them in the conversations. So this episode we strapped some rugby players in pads and quizzed them on periods. If they got the questions wrong there were watery consequences!” Adelle explained.

Adding, “I also spoke to a Kenyan couple, actor Lenana Kariba and Lulu to see how periods affect relationships.”

The highlight of the shoot was learning that “there's nothing to cringe about but everything to celebrate when it comes to periods. Also, if we open up the conversation then girls and ladies can ask each other questions!”

Adelle continued, “Oh man the wrong answers. Some guys didn't know what PMS stands for which showed how badly we've silenced convos around periods. Also meeting men who donate pads to girls who can't afford pads! That was powerful!”