Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tanzania's Mzungu Kichaa Kick Off Mind And Soul Tour Around The World

Mzungu Kichaa and his Tanzanian band have had a fabulous tour in Denmark titled #MindBodySoulTour with 20 concerts across the country. Their next European tour is being planned for August and September 2017.

The new single Mind Body Soul which has its video premiere this week, is part of a bigger body of work by Mzungu Kichaa around the same song making up 11 tracks, in Danish, English and Swahili with various remixes.

For the Danish version Mzungu Kichaa teamed up with SOS Children’s Villages, which has secured airplay on Danish national television and a feature in an educational program reaching 120,000 Danish school children.

"I am the father of two girls, and I think it really only becomes clear how important a role you have as a parent when faced with the responsibility. What I think is special about SOS Children's Villages is that they try to create the cohesive family feeling and security found in a traditional family".

Although the video is dedicated to showcasing the strength and determination among children, the song also carries a greater universal message that can be applied to anybody. We hope you will enjoy it!