Monday, 14 November 2016

Ni Jimmy Gait Tena! Gospel Star Takes Kenyans Trolling Him Online AS A Stepping Stone To Launch New Single

You may troll him all you want but Jimmy Gait is taking the stones and using them to build his house.

Jimmy Gait has been trending for all the wrong reasons. Kenyan online have been making memes about his possible song titles based on the topic of discussion.

Most times the themes of the songs are drawn from the sponsor phenomenon, corruption, the 'Sipendangi Ujinga' jokes and Donald Trump winning the election among others things.

He took the bull by it's horns and decided to own the narative.

The Muhadhara singer posted this flier on his social media causing a trending topic.

The flier was accompanied by this message, "Hi good people. #JimmyGaitTena I have been following closely on the suggestions you have been giving me... Finally, I now have a new release coming out in a few...Guess the tittle of the song."