Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Janet Mbugua Weighs In On The President Trump Win

Many people were shocked at the results of the American presidential results.

The world has to content with a Donald Trump win.

Janet Mbugua also weighed in on the Trump win,

"Remind me again why we're surprised by this turn of events? ???? It's almost like Clinton herself didn't believe in the 'I'm With Her' chant; the Democratic campaign at times seemed a little fatigued," She wrote on her facebook.

Adding, "Plus the US (and most of the West and heck, many countries around the world) remains sexist and racist and deeply polarized."

The Citizen TV news anchor continued,"Also, I feel like Trump represents the end of the era of the so called 'elitist' world leaders. He plays to the tune of 'the people' does Duterte of the Philippines and SA's Zuma. The tide has changed...and it's a bitter pill for many to swallow."

Janet concluded, "Still, this is just heartbreaking. It's sad. It's surreal that he seems set to win this race."