Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Aiii Sebo! Really? Uganda Charges KTN Journalist Joy Doreen Biira With Aiding Terrorism

A day after Joy Doreen Biira's traditional wedding, Ugandan police arrested the KTN journalist.

Joy Doreen was arrested after giving an eye-witness account of the fighting that has left 55 people, including 14 police officers, dead in Kasese.

She was apprehended alongside her Kenyan fiance, Newton Kungu and three friends on Sunday and taken to Central police station in Kasese.

A post on her Facebook account, that was later deleted, read: “It’s so sad what I’ve witnessed today… Part of the palace of the kingdom I’m from, the Rwenzururu kingdom, burning down…” Her friend Rosebell Kagumire wrote on Twitter: “Family members said the military came to the home and demanded photos (Biira) had taken of the attack on the palace."

Ugandan police spokesman Felix Kaweesi told NBS television on Monday that Biira was arrested for taking pictures. “Police asked her about her motive for taking the pictures and why she did not abide by the law. They had a concern… She had to tell them what she was doing.”

Kaweesi noted photography had not been prohibited but that operations require procedures that Biira may not have followed.

“I think she misbehaved. She might have accessed a cordoned-off area.”

They were detained at Kasese Police station before being released on Monday afternoon.

Now, the police has charged Joy Doreen with abetting terrorism.

The four will report to Kasese Police station on December 8, to answer to the said charges.