Monday, 10 October 2016

Kenyan Producer Gets Special Invite To Alicia Keys and Jay Z' Concert

Kenyan producer and musician DJ Xpect was a "special invited guest" at this past weekend's New York performance by Alicia Keys.

Xpect produced one of Alicia Keys' official remixes on her single called In Common.

He posted about being invited to the concert.

DJ Xpect wrote:
"This has to be the greatest thing I have ever been part of in NYC. Invited as a special guest to witness New York City's very own @aliciakeys shut down the city right in my neighborhood, and having both legends Jay Z and Nas rock with her on the same stage, same night, in Times Square,( also with Qtip, Questlove, John Mayer, Young Guru), where she sang her soul out for 1.5 hrs in chilly weather and her voice did not crack a bit, and neither did her fingers on the keys slip. I'm just gonna sit here for a few hours and try to process what I have just witnessed!!!! Soo grateful @meaghansmom for makng this a possibility!! And big up bro @therealswizzz , who humbly as ever , went to spectate from the middle of the crowd! To say I am inspired would be a major understatement...shout out @ladyrose8 . And not only did Alicia sing from her album but used the opportunity to enlighten Times Square and the world about refugees, injustice against minorities, and to spread messages of love!! Yo!! This is Massive!!these guys ( including the whole teams) have soo much positive light and energy around them , it is surreal!"

He then gave a sneak peek into the concert where Alicia and Jay Z share the stage.

Check it out...