Monday, 10 October 2016

Brutal! Pure Brutality! Fan Fires Off Long Post Calling Out Singer Akothee

It has not been a good month for Akothee.

She recently performed in Lodwar and when she posted the photos of the successful event, drama broke out.

Fans made fun of her stage costume calling it a "swimming costume". She blasted her fans telling them to mind their business asking when the last time was, they changed their panties.

Infuriated the fans went on social media rampage trolling the Yuko Moyoni star when ever she posted on her pages.

Akothee posted this asking for fans to vote for her in the upcoming AFRIMMA awards.

Fans scoffed at her, some asking that she buy her votes because she doesn't deserve their votes. One fan in particular broke it down for Akothee.

Millie Wa Kamau wrote:
 #realitycheck. Leo nimekuja kwa amani. But ukweli lazima usemwe sababu akothee is so determined to win this fight with her fans the ones wanafaa kuvote. These are simply kicks of a dying donkey tactics she is using. She shows you her white ancestor the man behind her sweat and money halafu anasema ati white ancestor anapenda diamond. After akothee realizing that the category of best east african female is too tough for her, because lets be honest, we have vanessa mdee who performed alongside chris brown, has featured in many shows including coke studio. Tanzania will vote for her and some kenyans will vote for her too. We have victoria kimani, known not just in kenya but west africa, so not only kenyans will vote for her, so akothee is busy fighting her fans and busy dividing her votes. I personally, im voting for AKA, fally ipupa because we have no kenyans in their categories and i happen to know them and love them. So this is a similar case that is going to happen to voting for akothee. When a foreigner comes across akothee and runs to her page on facebook, he or she will see too much drama and you know first impression matters, so she will opt to vote for someone else. Now back to the category of best song of the year, akothee has changed her tactics and focused on this because diamond the tanzanian and africa sweetheart is involved, so she is using diamond so that she can win. But what she forgets is that in the same category we have unconditionalbae by sautisol and ali kiba, ali kiba happens to be tanzanian sweetheart so diamond's vote is divided. And sautisol is kenyan's sweetheart. I didnt pay much attention to other nominees in this category but the rest of africa did. So akothee should build her reputation first. Too much controversy like that following willy paul wont win him votes. People vote talent not drama. I come in peace today, back to voting for victoria kimani and sautisol ft ali kiba for unconditional bae