Monday, 11 July 2016

Suits And Mics Takes It Back To The Basics With Swahili Sessions

Kenya's premier hip hop and live performance event, Suits And Mics is back for its 7th Edition. This time round the theme is exciting.

Set for July 16 at the Michael Joseph Centre, the organisers have dubbed this edition Swahili Sessions.

"The music is unique and different, hard to find on radio and this edition promises nothing but fresh music and sounds," said the brains behind Suits And Mics, rapper Jemedari.

He continued, "Suits And Mics seeks to showcase a higher level of music presentation and delivery, while providing a classy ambience for music lovers to mingle and enjoy the music on offer."

Besides rapper Jemedari, this edition will be headlined by Halisi The Band, Jerry Ogallo and Fused The Band.

"The artists performing here are in a rare class of live performers and are thus unique acts on any stage," Jemedari said, "All Suits And Mics' acts are great stage performers and carry unique signature sounds. Halisi the Band are a unique blend of vocals never heard before, Jerry is an amazing songwriter and performer, Fused is the dopest band we've have heard in a while and Jemedari is... Jemedari."

He added, "Come expecting intimate performances and very intricate performances is what the show promised. Halisi The Band are the gasoline, Jerry is the fire, Fused bring the oxygen and Jemedari lays the platform. Nothing but warm, life giving fire."

There is a surprising twist to this edition as the attendees will get to be the first to sample Jemedari's new material.

The rapper revealed, "I shall use this as a listening session for his new material ahead of an album release later this year. Music lovers will get a chance to chip in in terms of the creative direction of the final album."

Advance tickets are available until July 15, for Ksh 300 while gate charges are Ksh 500.
Ticket Hotline: 0738-927893.