Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Radio personality and social activist Adelle Onyango calls for action against violence in relationships

Popular radio personality Adelle Onyangi has added her voice to the ongoing tragedy that saw a Kenyatta University graduate stabbed by her ex boyfriend.
Edinald Atieno Nyainda is said to have had an argument with 36-year-old ex-military officer Maxwell Ochieng, after breaking up with him.
Ochieng stabbed her 10 times in the chest and neck before attempting to kill himself using the same knife, according to various media reports.
Adelle who has on numerous ocassions championed a social campaign against violence said it is about time the conversation on relationships and violence is addressed.
"We have normalised violence even in relationships," Adelle said, "When someone slaps you once, you rationalise it. You say, 'He was just in a bad mood'. When women cut off parts of a man's private organs, we turn that into a joke on social media."
She continued, "It is about time we had that conversation about relationships. Find out what is normal and what isn't."
Adelle believes that violence against any gender is wrong.
The charismatic radio star hopes, the ex-military boyfriend who is now facing charges for allegedly stabbing the girlfriend 10 times will also get "help because he needs it."