Friday, 8 July 2016

Fans React To Akothe's 'Fake Wedding' Stunt

She is a self proclaimed "independent African queen ready to take you places both emotionally and physically".
That she did.
Akothe was the talk of town when she posted photos of what looked like an elaborate wedding with her Caucasian beau.
Tongue wagging was joined by jaws dropping, kiholela holela.
However, a few minutes ago, the singer revealed that the photos were taken during the video shoot of her latest music release.
I'm a well orchestrated stunt, the artiste unveiled, Yuko Moyoni.
Fans reacted to this publicity maneuver.
One fan wrote, "Haters shall become lovers.Those who were busy counting the number of husbands sai wote wanasema I knew it was a song,I knew it was a song."
Another added, "Hats off said you are only as good as your last assignment. This video is by far the very best you've ever done. Endelea na stylo hiyo hiyo!!!"
"Kumbe hii ilikuwa video shooting not a wedding, pwahahaha after congratulating her ....he he hapa tulinazwa," a fan lamented.
Another continued, "Yaani Akothee ulituchesa? Ati wedding bado yaani? lol. This was a try zex weddo 😯😯😯😯 giving us a taste of the real deal I say . Aol I feel cheated."